What is Espresso

Espresso is a type of coffee produced through the process of brewing coffee under high pressure and temperature. It is made by grinding coffee beans finely, then compacting or “tamping” them, followed by brewing the coffee with high pressure and temperature, resulting in a concentrated coffee extract. Its thick and dense texture serves as the base for various coffee beverages, such as cappuccino, americano, and caffé latte.

In Italian, espresso means “pressed coffee.” The first black espresso coffee was invented by Luigi Bezzera. Initially, coffee was brewed by pouring hot water over the grounds, but Bezzera discovered a faster way to obtain a small cup of strong black coffee using steam pressure.

As espresso gained popularity, Achille Gaggia, a former Milan barista, invented a machine capable of producing even higher pressure in just 15 seconds.

According to the story, Gaggia was inspired by American army jeeps that used hydraulic systems, which were faster and more powerful. Thanks to various discoveries and innovations, we can now enjoy a delicious cup of espresso in a short amount of time.

Essentially, coffee is a liquid extracted from beans. It can be said that all espresso is coffee, but not all coffee is espresso. There are several methods to make coffee, such as using a French press, pour-over, and many more.

Typically, espresso is served in small demitasse cups, measuring around 29ml, while a regular cup of coffee is usually 235ml. The brewing process for both also differs. Espresso machines typically produce espresso within 30 seconds, while regular coffee is made by filtering hot water through coffee grounds, resulting in a longer brewing time.

The different techniques and water-to-coffee ratio give espresso a thicker consistency, while regular coffee tends to be lighter.


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